Friday, 20 January 2012

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails

I always hear people complain about there not being enough exciting things for boys out there, too many fabulous dresses and not enough fabulous three piece suits for our boys. But behold there is something fantastic coming our way from Ireland. The great Slugs and Snails have blown us away with their AW 2011 collection of tights for boys!

Have all other designers forgotten that boys also get cold during winter? That our Latteboys are mischievous and skip the socks too often? I've drifted away, my point is Slugs and Snails, are clever, funny and very practical. It's not only for boys, but for anyone with an edge who is in need of being kept warm under those trousers, skirt or snowsuit!

LatteMama always prides itself in being unique for children, we love whats different yet practical and too often forgotten. This time, we're unique ourselves. We are proud and delighted to say that is the absolute first retailer to be stocking Slugs and Snails. Available on Monday and only for 11 pounds! We can't wait for the next collection. x

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